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Our Team

My name is Shelbi Weatherly, the owner of Shelbi Aesthetics and the co-owner of The Salt Ranch.


Every client I meet is beautiful, and my job is to make them feel that way. I’ve been perfecting my aesthetic techniques and knowledge as a family nurse practitioner (NP-C, FNP). I have been a nurse for over 20 years, and my work is fresh and natural. I work in collaboration with my medical director, Dean Nasser.


With my homebase in Baytown, I strive to be the go-to professional for aesthetic injectables for all individuals, parties, events, weddings and makeovers. When you think beauty, think Shelbi Aesthetics and Wellness. I offer injections for all sorts of aesthetic possibilities and use only the best quality products for your skin.

Get in touch with me today to discuss your look, and how together we can make your beauty shine through.

Contact me at (281)757-3250 to schedule your consultation!


My name is Hilari Berklund, the owner of Renew Wellness and Aesthetics and the co-owner of The Salt Ranch. 

I began my career in family practice and emergency medicine in August of 2005.  Expanding my proficiencies, I started an aesthetics practice in 2016.  By 2017, I ventured out to co-own my first med-spa, all the while maintaining full-time work as an emergency medicine PA. 

Though I have never shied away from hard work and great opportunities, nothing short of God's hand has led me to this endeavor.

Renew Wellness and Aesthetics is housed inside The Salt Ranch. I am passionate about collaborating with patients to achieve their optimal wellness, enhance natural beauty, and maintain youthful appearance.  I aim to give patients a renewed sense of self by allowing them to look as good as they feel and feel as good as they look. 

Renew’s products and services include: pharmaceutical grade vitamins, weight loss, modalities to improve sexual health, hair restoration, fillers and neurotoxins, customized peels, and The Skin Pen.

Contact me at (832)493-9783 to schedule your consultation!

Shelbi Weatherly, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Hilari Berklund, PA-C

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